Maxime Citerne

Anicca Institute

Healthy Mind & Body

Back Pain, Headache or Digestive Issues?

While conventional medicine adresses emergency situations when necessary, most of us would agree that prevention is far superior. Correct energy methods and an appropriate lifestyle & diet are the twin pillars of prevention.

But what if  some ailments are already plaguing our daily life? Such energy methods as Shaolin Qigong or LifEnergy have proven to trigger the body’s natural ability to heal. Because they rely on the life force and a systematic connection with every part of the body, our methods are able to:

  • Ease physical pain
  • Strenghten the immune system
  • Improve flexibility, balance, stamina

Flowing Like Water

According to ancient traditions, where the average people lived long and healthy, the body should remain like a beautiful river. Fluid, graceful and powerful. Being able to adapt to the change of life. In order to remain healthy, correct flow and appropriate movement must be maintained throughout the body’s pathways and major places (cells, muscles, joints, nerves, organs).

An intricate network of blood vessels, nerves and energy channels maintains the life potential of the individual to its maximum. Should the flow of energy be interrupted or diminished, the correct information along the nerves would not be assured . At the Anicca Insitute, we have extracted from the best self-healing methods some powerful exercices designed to:

  • Improve blood flow
  • Improve flushing out toxins

Solutions For The Modern Life

Shaolin Qigong or the LifEnergy courses implement a number of self-care methods designed for your body.

Treat yourself to the once secrets arts of the Emperor with Shaolin Qi Gong or Taijiquan Wahnam. Or discover the fun and deeply relaxing  of the LifEnergy Introduction course. All those courses are especially designed for your wellness.

It is obvious for many of us that the body reacts to the external stimuli of life. Cold or hot weather, wrong sitting position, lack of movement or injury to the muscles and joints through inadequate movement, wrong diet, negative emotions and stress, all those happenings gradually impact the body’s natural ability to remain sound and healthy.

Fortunately, there are some time-tested methods especially designed to strenghten the body’s physiological functions, to assure the proper action of the internal organs, and to ease pain in the back, joints and muscles.