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Frankfurt – Wenesday classes

Shaolin Qigong (Chi Kung) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany


… Have a Break, Have Fun, Reconnect to Yourself …


Regular weekly classes are held each Wenesday in Frankfurt am Main, in the very heart of the city.

The courses are held in the beautiful Yoga Center Institute, located in city center nearby Hauptwache, precisely at Eschersheimer Landstraße 5. The training center is very easily accessible by U-bahn and S-bahn. Several underground parking lots are available in the area for those coming by car (especially in Querstraße 7-9, 60322 Frankfurt am Main).

Do not miss the opportunity to train under an experienced teacher.

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Classical Shaolin Qigong (Chi Kung) & Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan)


Venue: Balance Yoga Institut, Eschersheimer Landstraße 5, D-60322 Frankfurt am Main

Schedule:  Wenesday  19:00-20:30  (two courses of 45 minutes each)


  • Course 1: Fundamental Shaolin Qigong (19:00-19:45)
  • Course 2: Advanced Shaolin Qigong / Tai Chi Chuan (19:50-20:30)

Master Maxime LifEnergy´teachings, including the complete Qigong program, anti-stress management methods, and lifestyle advices.

Monthly subscription (two courses, tax incl.):

  • Students  59  (only 9,80 €/hour)     
  • Adults  79 € (only 13,00 €/hour)


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  • MITTWOCH 17 JUNI — Kein Training

Die Ausbildung wird am DONNERSTAG 18 JUNI (Vorsicht: um 19:30 Uhr) berichtet.

  • MITTWOCH 1 JULI — Kein Training

Die Ausbildung wird am DONNERSTAG 2 JULI (Vorsicht: um 19:30 Uhr) berichtet.


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