Maxime Citerne

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Sifu Maxime Citerne

Energy Should Rhyme with Joy of Living

Sifu Maxime Citerne, founder of the Anicca Institute, is a plebiscited teacher and energy healer helping individuals to regain their health, their vitality and to develop their life potential. Seasoned practitioner working in several European countries, Maxime has been trained extensively since 13 years in the secretive Shaolin Arts (including Shaolin Qigong & internal martial arts), Classical Chinese Medicine and Zen meditation.


Through his experience and the strong desire to share those once-secretive and powerful methods to the modern public, Maxime has elaborated an easy, fun and safe step by step cursus accessible to everyone. Maxime’s teachings are generally best described as “a life changing experience, and a precise hand in a soft glove“.

Maxime Citerne


You can best read about Maxime´s teaching and healing through the testimonials section.

Sifu (師父) Maxime now lives and works in Frankfurt am Main with his wife and son. He is regularly helding workshops in Europe. Note: Sifu litterally means ‘Teacher-Father’ in Chinese.