Maxime Citerne

Anicca Institute

The Anicca Institute

.“Enjoyable, trustable and truly a life changing experience…” N.P

Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science

Today’s complex society has created complex needs and complex diseases. Individuals often feel at lost in front of challenging situations or people in their daily life; health issues, if any, can remain stubborn to conventional treatments.

Deeply rooted in Chinese medicine, Classical Shaolin Qi Gong and Western medicine, the Anicca Institute adresses those issues with a safe, accessible and step by step program.

Get back again smoothly on the flow of events, and reconnect with your feeling of life, body and balanced emotions!

One Vocation: To Help You

Since more than ten years, our great courses and professional commitment have been widely plebiscited. People from different paths of life are enjoying our courses in Frankfurt, in Paris or in the rest of Europe: housewives, medical doctors, psychiatrist, cooks, bankers, pensioners, writers, artists, students, office employes or CEOs alike.

Our accessible and time-tested program includes:

  • Allopathic-free, pain-free and 100% natural methods
  • Open to all, irrespective of age or gender. No previous experience required
  • Efficients protocols from several world famous specialists in their respective fields
  • Diversity and comprehensive range of methods

Professional & Reliable

Over the last 15 years, Maxime has helped over 4000 individuals from France, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Russia and the Republic of Belarus.

Various Methods for Increased benefits

We are dedicated to offer you the best choice of natural methods in order to improve your health and enhance your quality of life:

  • Classical Shaolin Qi Gong
  • Medical Qigong
  • Teacher´s course
  • Personalized course
  • Private lessons


How To Start?

Just CONTACT US NOW for some FREE information.

Book your place in one of our NEXT COURSES.      NO engagement – You can cancel before the course!

Meanwhile enjoy a nice time on our website!


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